Demon Rising

2nd April 2017 0 By the925alternative

devilSo I wanted to flick over to the Khazarprotagonist next. My mind had pondered over this and came up with two main ideas; one a bulky chaos warrior type character; the other more of a gory blood red demon. I was (and still am to an extent) a fan of good old Warhammer as a kid and these ideas definitely drew the fantasy author from me. I would play Heroquest for many hours, introduced to the colossal armour and behemoth axes of the chaos warriors. This toyed with having a gigantic demon character with Tim Curry’s devil character in Legend pictured in my head. In the end, it occurred to me that this would be what the ceremony was about, Khazar (incidentally this was the guys name!) using the sacrifice to morph into a mortal demon form.

I also didn’t want to make him one dimensional, a simple choppy choppy character. I’ve often had discussions with my partner about society and the ‘sacrifice’ of the few for the needs of the many and whether this is politically correct. Do we take money and benefits off everyone (including those who need it the most) in order to save the country where an economic crash might affect everyone badly? Is an army general right to sacrifice soldiers in order to save the majority of the men and women? These things never are black and white and I wanted such a concept to play on the reader’s mind. As a result, Khazar’s motivation would change from the megalomaniac, power hungry character he starts as to one intending to wipe out the majority of a corrupt country in order to rebuild. Okay its obvious he shouldn’t do this but its not a simple greed.

I wrote about his belief in powers watching over him, the effects of curses that had been put upon him, and his emotions during this pinnacle in his ‘career’. There are aspects I don’t explain about him so that the reader’s are left wanting more. Though I bring his character up several times in the book, in the end he’s not one of the main characters though I do like him a lot. Instead, I’m planning to bring him into the sequel a lot more and I actually wrote a short story that is my favourite of the several I’ve written. I’ve actually put it for sale on amazon kindle, just look up Into the Desert  (not Into the Dessert as I just wrote or else you’ll find quite a different book!) or click on this link Into The Desert.

Pictures taken from:

Time Curry’s Devil from Legend,

Chaos Warrior drawn by Kamikazuh,