Scene unfolding

4th April 2017 0 By the925alternative

Death     The scene was now beginning to unfold in my head. Picture your usual Indiana Jones evil cult in the middle of a wood with your band of soldiers waiting to attack. Wilhelm and Helmvich lead the charge, beating back the cultists and looking as if they are defeating Khazar’s fanatics. They manage to rescue Emile, and she is pulled out. Given to Heinrich to escape, but then the tables turn. Khazar’s magic is complete and he starts to turn, gaining magical abilities that defeat the soldiers. Now it is about survival; will they or won’t they?

Oddly enough, I think the book only spans over a day and I don’t plan on making the sequel much longer. There’s about three ‘acts’ in it, with this short scene and the flight from Darkwoods as my first. Wilhelm turns to fighting Khazar to try and defeat him, whist allowing the rest to escape. Helmvich gets Emile to Heinrich and tries to buy them time whilst the Lord’s daughter and the young soldier escape.

Oddly I had quite a structure to each chapter. Each would be based from five character’s views and each view would be about five hundred words long. Though this became a guideline (there were certainly moments when I went over five hundred) and later I would write about a character’s opinions twice in one chapter, it pretty much stuck and worked throughout the book.

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