11th April 2017 0 By the925alternative

walking-deadThere were certainly hints of The Walking Dead in Rondur and Heinrich’s escape from the Woodcutter. After the younger of the two rescues the debonair gambler from the well, they find an empty inn with signs of fighting but not a single body. Of course we all know where the corpses have gone, and when the scene comes alive (or maybe I should say dead) with reanimated bodies, they just about manage to escape.

I did enjoy doing this action packed ride by the two survivors; seen from both sides they approach each other with different agendas and thoughts on how to deal with the situation. Heinrich is more occupied with finding Emile, staying true to his mission, whilst Rondur is more eager to leave. We’re definitely exposed to the very different sides of their characters.

In the flight that ensues, the dead come fourth and start to swamp the inn. From the silent, empty ghost house that has been created, we are suddenly thrown into the thick of the action. Rondur and Heinrich ride out hard and fast, dodging between the arms that reach out. It seems obvious they will escape until they find the surrounding landscape becoming an obstacle course of undead.

I was really getting a feel of the zombie genre by now, and this scene changed the book completely from a supernatural story to one with swarms of dead hungry for flesh. It was now a fight for survival.

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