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12th April 2017 0 By the925alternative

**EXCLUSIVE** Actor and star of 'Twilight' Kellan Lutz seen laughing and joking with model girlfriend Sharni Vinson while on a shopping trip at a Los Angeles mall

I started to get into the action now and so the typing came thick and fast. The images were coming to me and I just had to get the words down. My uncle’s yard has a large outdoor building known as the wood shed or cart shed, the former due to its new purpose as firewood storage and the later for, well, its old purpose as cart storage. This struck me as the next route for Wilhelm, Aldar and Tom to take. This would be another bite for Tom to take as Wilhelm saves the day, slashing out with the sword he locates inside whilst he gets Aldar up onto the cart.

It all made sense that I wanted the three parties (Emile and Joseph, Rondur and Heinrich, and Wilhelm, Tom and Aldar) to meet up in Abendale, a nice way to conclude the book. It was clearly turning into an escape from the jaws of death (or at least the jaws of undeath) book, and it would be the final scene of will they or won’t they. Bursting from the yard on the cart, they beat the dead back as they escape out onto the road and head the way to the city.

During this, the undead had been the closest threat to Wilhelm and the others, but I wanted to show the readers that they were being tracked down. Thus I needed to Helmvich and his vampires, gradually turning and closing in on Wilhelm. This would be the next pathway to describe.

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