Royal Welsh

12th April 2017 0 By the925alternative

festival tree climb

Waking up to a sore throat the week before your holiday is a tad gutting to say the least. So far, things aren’t going so well for our break! My lovely girlfriend is working on a fully waterproof cast for our daughter that she’s found online though so fingers crossed we’ll have one of those and she’ll be able to sit with her legs in the water. Yesterday I worked hard to try and get up to date with my schedule but I’m still a day behind with the redraft. Still, a chapter tonight instead of a half and I should be there…

The festival in Abendale gave me the chance to paint a load of pictures from the sights and smells that I’d come across in my life. Last year, at Longleat safari, we saw the Chinese Paper Festival and watched some fantastic acrobats. One of them span huge pots to catch them on his head and back, whilst another delicately painted lady spun plates on the end of poles while she did the splits. These were joyful experiences that I could write into the storyline.

There are also plenty of fetes and markets where I come from, the Neath fair coming round twice a year with their rides and goods. The Autumn one fills the town with stalls, sellers calling out and shouting their bargains. Its always easier to write about these things when you’ve seen them, at least in my opinion.

Another one was something I see at the Royal Welsh every year; the lumberjacks racing up the huge wooden poles. They use grips and a rope that loops around its width to zip up the fake tree, racing each other to the bell at the top. This seemed like a particularly good idea as the city is encompassed by forest.

Starving now so breakfast and coffee is calling before I head to the farm. A long journey to pick up a child’s wheelchair today…anything for the kids I guess!

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