A Final Confrontation

20th April 2017 0 By Hywel2

OlrevMan I’m going into complete relaxed mode this holiday. One post a day and even this one is late! My partner and I actually had the morning to ourselves for the first time in ages! Man that was a strange sensation! BBQ, followed by Fantastic Animals, a meal out and then time in the pool – who could want anything more.

There needed to be a climax for Heinrich and the story came together well. Whilst Wilhelm was fighting off his demons, Henirch had tracked Joseph back to governor’s house where the later was searching for Emile. As it happens, someone else was waiting for them as well.

Throughout this blog I’ve been referring to Helmvich’s henchmen but they do actually have names and some personality to them, not just being two dimensional robots. Whilst one stayed at the docks to find Wilhelm (and eventually¬†finished off Tom) the other hunted through Abendale instead and ended up finding Joseph. This one was called Olrev, a hairy brute of a chap with face obscured by a massive bush and huge body matched by broad hands that could now tear a man in two. You wouldn’t believe it but I actually based the image on Hagrid from Harry Potter, though I have to say the personality was some what different.

When Joseph finally confronts Heinrich this was the point where the reader can finally see he’s tipped over the edge. He’s reading off diabolic plans and reasons like some crazed maniac genius; think of Dr Evil but on a more mad scale. Unfortunately, the guard who was brained by Emile is used to extract information and its not a pleasant sight.

This was a confrontation that we knew Heinrich could not win. With Joseph escaping once more, leaving Heinrich to realise Emile is about to be caught by him for whatever reason, the hero has to die at the hands of Olrev. The vampire is just too strong, too fast, and too deadly.

Picture taken from http://forum.dofus.com