Escaping the Clutches

23rd April 2017 0 By Hywel2

drowning vampire     Much earlier in the book I had researched the weaknesses of vampires and even brought it in. One of the lesser known ones is their susceptibility to water, being unable to cross could be used against them. This is what ended the chase after Wilhelm and Aldar.

I’d earlier put Olrev trying to cross the river as a short cut to catching up with Wilhelm, only to find himself stuck as if he was wading through quicksand. Once rescued by Alaric (the third vampire in the party) I’d planted a seed that I would use later on. This would take place down by the docks.

After escaping the clutches of Helmvich several times (once by fighting in the shade and then ripping a blanket away to roast the vampire’s face on fire as the sun pointed directly at it) Wilhelm finally managed to get on board a ship. Alaric had headed out by this point, happy to see Helmvich having a hard time so he could be promoted to second in command by Khazar and also starting to roast thanks to the sun. Furious and losing the plot, Helmvich leapt for the Wilhelm’s boat.

Suffice to say this action sequence had a mirky end for Helmvich as he sank beneath the waves. What I liked was the fact that he had the potential to come back as the water does not kill, it just traps like cement. As Wilhelm and Aldar finally managed to escape by boat, away from zombie and strigoi alike, Helmvich dropped down to the river bed, wanting only to seek vengeance.


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