Snippit two

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Another free snippit from Demon Rising that I’ll be publishing tomorrow. Remember, you can read my short story Into the Desert at Amazon Kindle here or another short story set in the world of Mariad, Heart’s Siege, here. Also, updates and info can be found at my website In this snippit, Heinrich and Rondur have […]

Free short story – Into the Desert

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Ok so I’m coming ever closing to publishing my first book on Amazon kindle and I’m giving away my short story ‘Into the Desert’ for a five day period, starting tomorrow. If you like the fantasy genre and want to find out what my writing is like, try out the book and read about Khazar’s journey. […]

The Waterfall

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‘The hot fat sizzles in the pan, hissing and spitting as it melts away. Smelling the golden scent of bacon my stomach complains, urging me to hurry up with breakfast. With a playful shove, my wife and love pushes my knee to the side, bending to push small wood cuttings onto the fire below the […]

My Last Scene

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Emile, Wilhelm and Aldar were sorted, it was just Rondur and Heinrich to finish off. I wanted to end it on an exciting note and this I managed. After setting Olrev on fire by ripping the Governor’s curtains back, Rondur had saved Heinrich’s life when he burst in through the window. What fun! Fleeing out […]