Snippit two

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Another free snippit from Demon Rising that I’ll be publishing tomorrow. Remember, you can read my short story Into the Desert at Amazon Kindle here or another short story set in the world of Mariad, Heart’s Siege, here. Also, updates and info can be found at my website In this snippit, Heinrich and Rondur have […]

Lets Twist Again

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In a bitter fight the dark side of Emile has emerged and now two of the muggers lie dead. This was to be the end of Emile’s part in the book, with a sneaky twist that developed her character further. I’ve always liked the idea of promoting equal rights and, although scientifically I definitely thing […]

Grand mansion

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After Emile and Joseph’s walk through the city’s crowds, their path took them to Abendale’s governor. My picture of Mariad was growing all the time, and by now I’d pictured the political system. Up until recently the Kingdom had been ruled by a king (unsurprisingly) until a civil war broke out and the current Lord […]