About the Tutor

Today students find themselves struggling more than ever. It can be hard and frustrating when teenagers, ready to take their first steps towards a career and the life ahead, can’t seem to get the edge they need. Sometimes everything seems to be understood and yet the grades and marks don’t match up. Other times, the revision is put in and yet the exam seems just too difficult. Perhaps there’s too much going on at school, the teacher you like leaving with illness only for one to step in that you just can’t work with! Whatever the problem, we can work on the answer together. If you have problems in GCSE maths, biology, chemistry, physics or A-level biology simply fill in the form in contact and I’ll get back in touch to start your progress to the results you need.

Here are just a few of the benefits I provide that many other tutors lack:

  1. The experience of tutoring since 2003. Many new tutors look to provide a service that helps the student understand each topic. What they forget is that 9 times out of 10 it isn’t a student’s understanding that holds them back but their exam of revision technique.
  2. In depth understanding of exam technique. Today the marking schemes, question structure and ability to apply are more essential than ever. Having focused on these areas for many years, my tutoring techniques don’t just help a student understand a topic, they help the student answer the questions.
  3. Help with revision. Many students work hard with their revision but for some reason it doesn’t sink in. Understanding how to revise can be a crucial point in making a D become a C or shoving that B up to an A.
  4. Resources to help you study. A comprehensive set of notes can be extremely useful in your studies so these are provided with each lesson. Being able to go over the work in your own time is just as essential as learning to understand it to begin with.
  5. Friendly and comfortable atmosphere. I remember some of my tutors as a teenager and one or two could be harsh to work with! As well as providing objectives and honest opinions on what needs to be done, I make sure these are always put across in friendly manner. A relaxing atmosphere can make studying ten times easier.

You can either contact me using the link in the menu, email me on hywel862@aol.com or phone me on 07985 923799.

Feel free to contact me for a chat and we’ll find out just how I can provide the help you require.