Darkwood, my story begins

31st March 2017 0 By the925alternative
Darkwood, my story begins

I’m in the middle of redrafting my first book, a 80k word story about a world that is slowly growing in my head. I’ve already done another three short stories to go with it and there’s a fourth on the way! With everything progressing so much and a lot more planned, I thought I’d just start sharing bits and pieces with the world and anyone who might want to listen. I’m starting a Facebook page soon, with snippets of info about the characters and world, and I’ll be setting up a webpage too, fingers crossed.

Starting at the beginning would be a good idea and this story begins in a place called Darkwood where a cult ritual is to be stopped. The funny thing is I don’t know if I like the name Darkwood and I may change it. I’m pretty sure its style of name has come to me from the old Fighting Fantasy game books I used to play as a kid. In one way it sounds a bit too simple, too much like a kids roleplay game. However, this might be the style that the locals would call it as I picture it to be a place of evil (or at least mythically to the nearby villages).

Darkwood sort of shows what my style of world is like. There is magic and mythical creatures but they are becoming extinct if you like, considered more to be stuff of story tales than actual existing creatures. I guess its as if they were more rife in your grandparent’s day, and now they are much more of a rarity. I think this style of fantasy that I like comes from a series of books called the Dresden Files, written by author Jim Butcher. They were highly enjoyable, about a wizard private detective set in the modern world, and had the fantasy creatures hidden amongst us.

I didn’t want a world with the typical dwarves, elves, humans, orcs etc so I decided that humans and elves would be enough. In addition, I’d eventually come to the conclusion that the elven world is not even based within the human one – consider it a neighbouring dimension if you like. I already have plans for a sequel (which I’ve started) and a third book, the later involving the destruction of the elven world. I suppose this may link to my reading of Tolkein, how the elves finally leave the world of humans at the end. Its funny how these things go through your mind.

It was great having a quiet day, recovering from the long hours of the last two. Much of it was spent redrafting or chilling, my mind pondering all the possibilities that can occur. With any luck, I’ll be able to stick to it!     darwkwood









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