Back to Life

1st April 2017 0 By the925alternative


After watching much Walking Dead on the TV (and I mean about four series one after another) my passion for the undead had been evoked. I liked the idea of writing about a zombie apocalypse but the market was being saturated and I like to make things unique (well relatively unique). Pondering the matter, it came to me that the modern day zombie genre is always set in the modern world (the idea of zombies actually developed from Voodoo concepts, quite late in human history) so I figured it would be interesting to run it in a fantasy world. How would these people cope with a sudden awakening of the dead? Would they all be suddenly wiped out or would the every day Joe Bloggs be tougher and so able to cope with the attacks? Would the smaller populations get wiped out faster and would they be able to find a cure without modern day technology? These were all interesting concepts they I could approach so I ran with this idea.

Thus the Darkwood scene came about with a simple formula:

Protagonist has cult —> they wake the dead —> hero tries to stop them —> fails and    apocalypse occurs

It sounded simple though, maybe a bit used too many times, so I tried to get a unique take in it. Much of the stories I’d read were not based from the character’s point of view, even fewer from several character’s. This was the way I ran with it; each chapter would be based around several characters, moving the story forward with slight overlaps so that the reader could see the take from the different characters. You could see how each one feels, how wrong some characters are about others, and this would draw interest (hopefully!). I’d like to note that this was before I read Game of Thrones and found out they had done the same thing (though there is no overlap in the tale).

Hopefully I’ll finish of redrafting chapter 8 today (6 pages to redraft). My one pain with writing from the character’s point of view is I wrote most of the chapters in the wrong tense as I’m so used to writing like that! Grrr. Ah well, at least there’s plenty to do with the redrafting!

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