Sucky day, but at least there’s writing

2nd April 2017 0 By the925alternative

Emile.jpgAfter yet another loss in the chess world, I’m dragging my feet home (or maybe my clutch) to sulk. A sucky season of difficult chess is wearing me down. Still, the latest opening I’ve learnt well and I’ll certainly be continuing with the Benko.

Anyhoo. Usual spoilers if you want to read my work as I’ll be talking about plot and characters etc. Emile is the next person to come onboard and she was one of my favourites. When I developed the first scene, she was going to be a sacrificial victim, stripped naked, and executed with Khazar’s axe. Or maybe she would escape. I figured there had to be a reason why this small army had come to rescue her and so the idea was born that she’s the daughter of the ruler of wherever this book is set. This developed further and further to keep me some fantastic twists in both Demon Rising and my sequel.

But the man twist for this first scene was a trick that Khazar had pulled. I wanted to draw the reader in to think that this was a typical fight with hero rescues damsel by killing the bad guy but instead Khazar wins. What if the damsel is rescued but this is part of his plan? Instead, the battle of the soldiers versus the cultists results in many deaths, the blood the Khazar needs to trigger his ascent to power and the rising of the dead. The plot thickens…

Picture is taken from pinterest