Joseph – A Friend Indeed

4th April 2017 0 By the925alternative

josephHeinrich is an inexperienced soldier, joining the Lord’s forces recently and only having taken part in a few law and order tasks. He’s a recruit, so I brought in a fellow newbie to fight with him; Joseph. At first, I saw them as partners. Not so much ‘I have you back brother’ but more as two soldiers thrown through the discomfort and horrors of life in the army.

But my idea morphed and changed as things usually do when I write. Instead, what if Joseph is corrupted by Khazar? He would be an inside mole, working for Khazar unbeknownst to Heinrich or any of the others. The bond between he and Heinrich would be tested and broken. Would he come back from his betrayal? Be killed in anger by Heinrich if he ever finds out? Or perhaps he will be the hero’s penultimate downfall? Taking it from this angle there were a lot more ideas I could come up.

He’s a chirpy, charismatic kid who thinks they’re witty and funny but to the experienced his real emotions underneath can be read. He’s had a hard upbringing and this is what Khazar plays on, corrupting his mind with magic and promises. During the battle, Joseph loses his forearm, hacked off by an axe blow, and Khazar uses his magic to let it regenerate.

Again I started to toy with new thoughts. What if Emile is supposed to get away? Perhaps Khazar is using her, sending her back to her father for his own plan. It would make sense that he sends Joseph with her to make sure she survives and so the tale continued with Joseph riding to catch up with Heinrich and Emile who are escaping through the woods.

Picture taken from, LA Carmichael, originally from