Valen, the last character…for now

5th April 2017 0 By the925alternative

valen    I’d decided that my world wasn’t going to have a million and one races in it. I wrote a novella about ten year ago called ‘The Privileged Few’, set in a sci fi universe the same as ours. I brought in supernatural creatures as more ‘true legends’ rather than regular races; rarities that actually turned out to not be myths. This was the way I wanted to play the kingdom I now knew as Mariad.

Though there was certainly magic in Mariad (otherwise Khazar’s abilities would be a weird) I didn’t want it to be a load of spell casting wizards as in worlds of Warhammer, D&D or like in the Diskworld. Much as I am great fans of these I felt it would be more interesting to set the supernatural in a 99% human world.

However, I do like Elves. I wanted to be able to write about their grace and ability and even challenge myself with writing from an Elven character’s point of view without emotion. Imagine trying to get the reader attached to what is going on in Spock’s head! So from this my last character of the first chapter was born, an Elf named Valen. She didn’t have a long lifespan.

Sadly, I wanted to show I wasn’t afraid to kill characters and, after what I felt was my best work of the first chapter, she was slain by Khazar. I had several other reasons. I didn’t want Wilhelm dying. He was my main protagonist and was the focus of much of the book. He is the hero that has to escape to come back and fight Khazar. So when he was locked in combat with Khazar, being beaten and almost killed, Valen jumps in to save him.

My second reason is I planned to bring the Elves into the book using her death. As it happens, this won’t happen until the sequel and its given me some fantastic twists and ideas. I have written about her again in my first short story about Mariad (one that I haven’t published online as I feel its a bit too typical a hero slays dragon tale) and I also wrote about her father in Heart’s Siege (I loved writing this short story as it combined a who-done-it, romance and action all in one).

Onwards to another day of farming, chess teaching, tutoring and tournament running. Redrafting and blogging, I look forward to you so much!

P.S. Thank you for those who have been interested in my blog. My first one its nice to see that already there are some who are having a read and follow – appreciated.

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