Escape to the mill

6th April 2017 0 By the925alternative

I read up on broken arms and, to my relief, found they’re not as bad as they make out. I’d written that Wilhelm’s arm is broken (interesting I found out a fracture and a break are the same thing) and this led me to a conundrum. If I kept this in would Wilhelm be able to defend himself with his sword? Here he was, running from Darkwood clutching his arm, but would this mess him up for the rest of the book? As it happens a break doesn’t necessarily incapacitate, its just very, very painful.

The next scene for Wilhelm was based on two places; a Spanish home that Richard Sharpe retires to before the Battle of Waterloo in the Sharpe books; and mainly my uncle’s farm. At Ynysnedd (the later of these two buildings) there is a yard encompassed by walls, a stables and the house. The main way in is a large gate, and I could picture this all clearly in my head as Wilhelm runs through with undead close on his tail. Hammering on the door, he is welcomed by the crossbow if the miller.

The more I thought about the government of the Kingdom and it’s corruption, the more it made me think there would be increasing numbers of outlaws, thus the miller’s defensive stance. Though I’ve referred to criminals and brigands in the story to help the reader get to know Mariad a bit, they haven’t played a major role. That’s for the sequel.