8th April 2017 0 By the925alternative

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Its another sunny day and after a load of DIY hanging gates and creating rails yesterday today will hopefully involve some more. And a lot of writing of, course. Its actually exciting for me today as I’ll be chatting with a friend about a cover. We’ll see how much things cost.

Heinrich, Emile and Joseph’s journey has taken them to the Woodcutter, a large inn with a yard enclosed by its walls where mayhem is soon to take place. I like writing about inns and the activity within, where you can have a range of background faces and characters, using them to describe the warmth and atmosphere. Loads of films, TV programs and books use it; think of The Mended Drum in Ankh -Morpork of the Discworld novels or the Mos Eisley cantina in Star Wars. They can really paint a picture. I delved into the writing and that creativity came booming forth, painting a picture on the page.

Until I realised in the timeline it was first thing in the morning. Oops. Cursing, my brain began racing through ideas so I could come up with something. Ah ha! A festival was taking place, large amounts of traffic travelling the roads and drinkers from the early hours. Problem solved. In my opinion it is often best to find a way around problems rather than just delete an interesting section you have written, though this can be unavoidable. If you use lateral thinking, you can sometimes find ways to forward the plot or twists that neither you or the reader saw coming. And this did become a major part of the plot…

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