The Gambler

8th April 2017 0 By the925alternative


Emile’s character was developing by this point, becoming a strong woman who was able to manipulate men and other women alike for her political (and sometimes not so political) cause. More about her later. Like I’ve said, with Heinrich fallen smitten for her and Joseph trying to chat her up with his wit and (what he thinks) charm, she would obviously see them both as immature. Much as they are useful to have around, she wasn’t going to do anything.¬†However, I wanted to make the relationship between Joseph and Heinrich worse (nasty old me) and build up a rivalry. Welcome Rondur.

Rondur is a gambler, party drinker, the real master of wit. Picture the three musketeers – I certainly had a similar image painted in my head when thinking about him (actually from Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay). He came into the book trying to recover from a hangover after a journey from last night’s inn, washing his face in a stream to recover. His horse is close by, an older animal named Gypsy who he obviously has a close relationship with as he talks to her and she responds. Such animals are fairly easy to picture; think of the nag that you see as you pass the paddock down the road, the one that seems to have been there forever. Only I wanted this to be deceptive. Much as she looked fairly unkempt, she is still a fast(ish) runner and what she may lack in peak fitness she makes up for in intelligence.

This character would become important in creating friction between Joseph and Henrich as he manages to bed Emile (or at least she beds him!). He would become one of my favourite characters and important to the plot, eventually bringing upset to the reader (my girlfriend almost cried) and saving the day at one point. He develops, as a character from a self-survival coward to someone with at least a little bit of backbone. Just a little.

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