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11th April 2017 0 By the925alternative

depressed-employee.jpg     Yesterday was a usual day but I have to say I was knackered after the hectic weekend. I’ll hopefully catch up on the redrafting over the next few days. Sadly, the ‘real life’ work is also calling and at some point I’m going to have to get that done as well. Sigh.

The youngest of two brothers, I know what it’s like to be overprotected as the baby of the family. When you’re a parent yourself, its understandable and difficult to fight those instinctive urges. Because I had experience with these feelings, I decided to channel them into the development of Aldar.

With her father and second brother gone, she is left with Tom who is all the more domineering. It’s an awakening for Aldar when she falls for Wilhelm and for the first time backs someone else rather than her family. This makes everything all the more difficult for Tom to accept, and when he jumps to the conclusion that Wilhelm pushed Aldar from the waterwheel for some reason (Wilhelm actually pushed her as she was slipping on the paddles and would have been pulled under) a fight breaks out between them as they get to the shore.

It was these developments of characters that I loved to play with, as anyone will realise who reads my book. I did wonder if the characters would develop so fast, after all the book is set over the space of one day, but then when you’re plunged into a zombie apocalypse wouldn’t your view on life change pretty quickly?

If you want to read one of my works before Demon Rising comes out next month, try Into the Desert, a tale of vengeance for the young Khazar and how he became a killer.

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