Money’s too tight to mention

injured-and-bandaged-piggy-bankI hate money. I hate mortgages, utility bills, insurance, petrol and all other expenses in a society where we constantly pay our way. My partner would love a world where we could simply explore our artistic abilities, live off the land and be ourselves but, much as I dream of such a thing as well, I’m also glued into reality. I privately tutor elven lessons a week, teach chess four times, lecture two lessons a week in the home education community, and spent the rest of my time doing prep work. I get paid for an hour’s tuition but between preparing work and driving I end up getting less than the amount allocated. Currently, with drawstrings pulled so tight I think I’m also clenching every muscle inside me (and I mean every muscle), I’m looking for work as an examiner. So I’ll get to do piles of marking too! Woohoo!

One day I’m going to be able to leave it all behind, care for my animals and grow food for the table. Most of all I’llĀ  be able to write for my money rather than drive and teach exam technique. Sigh.

Okay so enough of my rant. Just thought it was needed to explain why the writing is late today (I was fixated on trying to figure out how we stand financially). Where was I in talking about my book? Ah Rondur and Heinrich…

I’d read up about roads and how there would be ditches or banks at the side. Those of the UK would be full of pot holes and in disrepair so I brought these descriptions into their escape (might have been Wilhelm’s journey actually). So where did I take them next? I want to keep up the action and the zombie attacks, so I pulled in Khazar for the last time in the book (he’ll hopefully be dealt with in the sequel). I wanted him to raise the dead, bringing them back to show it isn’t only the recent dead that he can resurrect. With much smaller populations several hundred years ago, I asked myself would the recent dead actually result in a massive apocalypse or would it be easier to fight off? However, if the dead for the various temples and religious building could be called up too then a full blown attack could be made on Abendale…

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