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14th April 2017 0 By the925alternative

WO Jpegs 1 DAVE     Monday I head off to Center Parcs to join my lovely girlfriend and the kids for five days of swimming and relaxation. I should give a big thanks to my not quite in-laws who always invite us along as we never have the money to go ourselves. Cutting out the activities that cost a tonne, we always manage to enjoy ourselves. Its good to have a break.

We’ve been three times and, coincidentally (or maybe ironically?), its Center Parcs that I based the city of Abendale on. If you’ve ever been to the log cabins of this holiday resort, its a beautiful place to be amongst the woods. Huge pine trees surround you and you are constantly walking through nature. In the morning you can find squirrels and other small creatures at your door. This was the blend of nature and cabin housing that I wanted to bring to my city that was to be under attack.

Another thought to using a city like this is the tranquility and peacefulness that nature often brings. When the reader casts an image of a huge city under attack there’s mass panic and explosions but what do you get if this rioting tale is described in such a peaceful city? I hoped that the greater contrast might emphasise the devastation; the gruesome deaths and huge wave of panic is still described but then we can clearly see that Abendale was much more peaceful before this. There is a total contrast.

Don’t worry, I should continue my blogging in Centre Parcs and will probably be talking about my hol more lol, My youngest is doing well with her dislocated toe and we’ve even managed to find waterproof casting and a wheelchair so she won’t miss out. There’s an odd silence over the house now the kids have gone, definitely something missing, but there’s plenty to do so I’d better crack on…See you tomorrow!

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