Shock and horror

15th April 2017 0 By the925alternative


With Wilhelm, Tom and Aldar having escaped by cart, there was a quiet period where I was able to explore their characters. Tom’s brooding over his sister’s affections for Wilhelm, Wilhelm’s pain from his wounds and his determination to keep going, and then I came to Aldar. Tom I could put across as a strong character who was looking out for his sister. I’ve been the stronger one in several relationships, and its in the hard times that you have to put everything aside to look after the other. It can be hard, but it gives you something to aim for so I guess it can possibly make life easier?

Aldar is the younger sister and although she is changing she is still the baby of the too. She’s only just finding her feet and pushing her brother aside, so on the cart she is finally hit by the shock of what has happened. Its amazing the effect shock can have, how it can manipulate your mind and the way you think. I have epilepsy, and I always found it strange how my brain could work so differently because the impulses weren’t travelling around correctly.

I had shock when I was in my first car accident, not really being able to speak properly to the policeman involved. I’d only been driving six months so what had just happened really it home. The other time I was in shock was after my wife’s passing. It was quite a while later, when I was bagging up her clothes, and I just slumped down crying. I literally couldn’t control my body and its nothing to do with how I was physically, all a shut down of the brain’s functions.

This I could transfer across to Aldar’s character. There were plenty of times when there were pretty shocking incidents in this book, what with the living dead eating and devouring people, but I felt this moment was the worst for her. She had seen her father die and then kill her brother; something that I guess none of us could fathom. Now she was sitting on a quiet cart, her first peace since the mill was mobbed, and now she could start to cry.

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