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16th April 2017 0 By the925alternative

Governor_walking_deadAfter Emile and Joseph’s walk through the city’s crowds, their path took them to Abendale’s governor. My picture of Mariad was growing all the time, and by now I’d pictured the political system. Up until recently the Kingdom had been ruled by a king (unsurprisingly) until a civil war broke out and the current Lord has taken up a temporary role ruling the country. Not permanently of course, its just been going on a while. And on. And on. Think of Julius Caesar or Darth Sidious.

My short story Heart’s Siege is actually set at the end of the civil war, when power was being fought over. However, Demon Rising is set some time later and the recent Lord has not been up to maintaining standards in the kingdom. The main cities and areas are looked after by Governors (a kind of feudal system) but with no money spent on the Kingdom the forces are dwindling away. It is Abendale’s Governor that Emile and Joseph go to visit.

I’d been playing Warhammer Roleplay some time around writing this part (or reading the old book) and I remembered one of the main characters in the adventure that comes with it. I liked his business-like style and practical nature, not bending to political pressure but simply getting the job done. It worked well and I’d really like to explore his character more but sadly that was not to be.

I researched the style of the house, having it an imitation of a castle, and even had to look up a bit of the terminology to do with it’s structure. I’ve forgotten it now. In the end, it painted the picture right and definitely gave the reader a better insight into the Governor’s character, the solid image of the castle being portrayed into his personality.

And no, I didn’t know about the Governor in the Walking Dead when I named him!

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