Les Miserables

16th April 2017 0 By the925alternative

les miserablesIts my second day with silence emanating throughout the house, aside from the usual bleats or barking that occur once in a while. When everyone settles its almost eerily silent. Having four kids for the last two years its a strange sensation being on my own, and not one that I prefer! I remember going through the sensation of a piece missing when I lost my wife, and I certainly feel this way now my partner and kids are on hols. Role on Monday when I get to join them.

Whilst Khazar was bringing up the dead in huge numbers, Rondur and Heinrich thought they had a break to get to Abendale. With the roads bustling with travellers who are heading for the festival, it felt like the right moment to yet another mass killing scene.

In the Walking dead there were always those highway roads with abandoned cars and slaughtered occupants, just watch the first episode. I figured what would happen in this fantasy world? The roads usually have ditches and possibly banks on the side, and with the landscape I’m describing there wood be woods too. What would happen if the dead Khazar had drawn out of the ground suddenly started to storm towards the road and all the citizens of Mariad travelling to Abendale?

This was just what happened. With the city gates in sight they had a race against time, the waves of dead crashing in upon them. With the citizens panicking and all only having one way to go, they soon start to get bogged down and have to find a way out. Before they are eaten alive.

This also gave me another plot point; the gates could be held open to allow entry of the dead. I wanted Khazar’s new army to swamp the city but I didn’t want it to turn into some military siege, that might happen in the sequel. Instead, this allowed me the opportunity to prevent the gates from shutting as screaming travellers try to push their way in. The dead were now in the city.

You can read about Khazar’s past in my short story Into The Desert. Alternatively, have a look at my Facebook site where I write character biographies and give titbits about my book.

Picture taken from www.deadline.com (hinting at the song ‘On my Own’ for those who don’t know the musical. Good musical)