Leaving Breadcrumbs

17th April 2017 0 By the925alternative

sherlock   So that Helmvich could chase Wilhelm, I had to leave breadcrumbs that he could follow. This veteran soldier would have experience at tracking but there were a couple of problems;. For one thing, Khazar was killing 99% of the land to turn them into his undead army so there weren’t many people left to question about their presence. Secondly, there would have probably been lots of fighting with civilians trying to defend themselves, so finding slain dead wouldn’t give any clues.

Funnily enough, the story I had written actually left the signs to follow and when I worked my mind through it I managed to locate the track for them to chase Wilhelm and his companions down. He had escaped from the woods on foot and north, so they headed for the mill (the first building in that direction). If he was injured badly (which they had seen in the cult battle) then he would need somewhere to get transport or a break for five

At the mill they found his cloak, something I’d written about. He’d had to take it off when they’d jumped into the river. Finally, as they track him along the road, they come to a farmer with a broken cart who they’d bought apples off. It occurred to me that Wilhelm, Aldar and Tom would need food so they’d bought apples from him. I’d also used it to cause friction between Tom and Wilhelm, with the later paying and the former being unable to help out.

With Wilhelm just head of him, Helmvich was now hot on his trail.