The city falls

17th April 2017 0 By the925alternative

zuluMan its been hectic here, getting all the jobs done for the holiday. We have tonnes of animals so everything has to be just right ready for the chap who’s going to come down and check things out! Food ready, water full, hay and straw…it goes on and on!

Has anyone here seen Zulu? A cracking film, ok not historically accurate in a lot of points and maybe the British Empire isn’t everything to be proud of (though we did make some changes that aided development of the world) but the military technique of the redcoat is amazing. Or maybe you’ve see Waterloo? An extremely epic film with some fascinating sights for those who have interest, particularly those of the infantry square holding off the cavalry with fixed bayonets.

Of course such formations go back further and further, and so my halting of the undead had to be carried out by the Governor with his small regiment of men in two ranks, spears ready to hold them at bay. The flood gates of the city are pushed open and once the surviving civilians have escaped around the ranks, they prepare themselves for the clash of the undead.

With Rondur fleeing (I like the cowardly/self survival side to his nature, it makes him a not so perfect hero), Heinrich decides to aid the cause after losing at Darkwood. Of course this is useless. Not only are they outnumbered, but they have no knowledge of how to kill the zombi, Heinrich not having time to tell them to go for the head. With Joseph pulled into combat by the Governor, the dead leave him alone as per Khazar’s wishes and while the rest are swept aside, the demon’s henchman manages to escape. In all I didn’t right about how many survivors there were, they could all be dead or a smattering survive, but Heinrich decides to take after Joseph as it is the way to get to Emile.

But will he catch him?

You can find out more about the world I’m creating at the Facebook sight Mariad.It’ll soon be the countdown to publishing the book at the end of next month, so there’ll be more snippets published every few days.

Picture taken from IMDb