The Waterfall

28th April 2017 0 By Hywel2

Waterfall‘The hot fat sizzles in the pan, hissing and spitting as it melts away. Smelling the golden scent of bacon my stomach complains, urging me to hurry up with breakfast.

With a playful shove, my wife and love pushes my knee to the side, bending to push small wood cuttings onto the fire below the grill. She gives a less than elegant grunt as she straightens herself, weighed down by her swollen belly that holds our child. Without thought I reach out to help but a hard stare makes me roll my eyes and turn back to the cooking.

“Don’t you roll your eyes at me, Mister Gregorick.” But the warning is playful more than threatening. I should have known better than to try to aid my feisty independent soul mate. She is beautiful and everything I dream of. Green emerald eyes, shoulder-length hair that is tied back in a ponytail, and a broad frame that has more than once aided me in a fight. Now she is frustrated that she has to stay at home.’

While redrafting continued I went on to write three short stories about Mariad, all set in years before the zombie apocalypse. Although all fantasy, they went into exploring other genres too. The Waterfall, just a 7k story, was a hunt down the dragon tale that was fairly straight forward. The paragraphs above are taken from it, and although I enjoyed writing it I decided not to publish it. I might put it up on kindle for free.

The Waterfall got me thinking about how I could explore the characters more. In this one, I based the story around Wilhelm’s father (although you don’t find out till the end) and Valen due to her short life Demon Rising. I enjoyed writing more about this Elven character and certainly hope to write more about the Elven world in future.