A few thoughts

3rd May 2017 0 By Hywel2

contemplation.jpgArgghh! Life seems to be overtaking me at the moment at a time in the year when I’m extremely busy. Tuition work is overloading and, although the bucks are coming in, they always seem to be draining out at a faster rate. I’ve found some more work writing notes for a student but its never enough!

I’ve churned my way through job adverts, finding very little that will fit in and be flexible. I’m even contemplating going back to delivering those good old pizzas in the evening. I actually worked for six months in Domino a few years back and it was a really nice place, but after going to higher wages its never nice to sink back down again.

Teaching might be on the cards. I’ve never wanted to return to the full time job but if the work income outweighs the money we’d lose from benefits then just maybe I might go for it. I’ve already found several to apply for and the pen is hovering. Sigh.

With Demon Rising I’m waiting for the beta reader feedback. I’m publishing at the end of the month, whatever happens, and it would be nice to incorporate their thoughts but its not going to stop me this time. In eight days I start doing the twenty day countdown. Perhaps I could try my dad and get feedback from him? The Facebook article site I write for science and maths is going well, I get about forty readers on average (over a hundred people read my best article!) and although to some that’s a piddling nothing I’m happy. Its better than one or two readers!

I guess the question is how do I go forward from here? I have tonnes of jobs to do but don’t seem focused enough to do them. Maybe that’s the thing. When I stop and go to do something else I need to find a job instead. Whenever my hands hover the enter key after typing in ‘www.chess.com’ I need to press delete. Either way, I need to change something.

Picture taken from www.uvacontemplative.org